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Full Course Insurance Reduction


Valid until March 15. Must take minimum 3 in-car lessons before March 31.

Includes in-car pickup and drop off in  regular service area.

FC IRC Bronze

15-hour Classroom

10-hour in vehicle

From $580

Now $525

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FC IRC Silver

15-hour Classroom

14-hour in vehicle

From $769

Now $710

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15-hour Classroom

20-hour in vehicle

From $1031

Now $950

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Insurance Reduction Certificate Course:

The purpose of the Insurance Reduction Certificate Course is to coach new drivers to become safe, confident and independent drivers in a variety of situations. A secondary effect of becoming a safe, confident and independent driver is that a student is more likely to be successful on their initial road test attempt.

Upon successful completion of the full course, an Insurance Reduction Certificate will be issued to the student.  Insurance companies recognize the certificate and provide grid-step insurance at a reduced price, equivalent to the rate a driver with two years’ driving experience would get (10% off PL& PD for the first two years). Please visit the Alberta Automobile Insurance Rate Board for more info or contact your insurance company.

Please note that minimum provincial achievement standards for classroom and in-car portions must be met to earn the Insurance Reduction Certificate.

License Class Requirements:  In-car lessons require the student to have their Class 7 GDL Learner’s License (or Class 5 GDL Probationary License). Classroom lessons could be taken prior to having a Class 7 license (and may assist with passing the written Class 7 Knowledge Test at a registry office).  As long as students have at least their Class 7 GDL, they can take in-car lessons before starting or completing the classroom component.

In-Vehicle Only Packages

Includes in-car pickup and drop off in regular service area.

Winter Special now on for Bronze, Silver and Gold packages

Sale ends March 15. Minimum 3 lessons must be taken by March 31

Bronze 10 Hour

5 x 2 hour lessons

May include a Road Test Car Rental

From $580

Now $500

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Silver 14 Hour

7 x 2 hour lessons

Includes Road Test Car Rental

From $714

Now $680

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Gold 20 Hour

10 x 2 hour lessons

Includes Road Test Car Rental

From $998

Now $940

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Only want a lesson or two?

Pick what you want to focus on during your Driver Training session(s)

Single 2 Hour Training Sessions

1 Lesson: $120

2 Lessons: $231

3 Lessons: $337

4 Lessons: $435

Learn the Basics

Focus on residential area driving

Basic Vehicle Handling

Simple Intersections

Observation and Checks

Taking it a Little Faster

Focus on Main Roads up to 60 KPH

Lane and Speed Control

Judging Time and Space

Hazard Awareness and Management

Complex Intersections

Going Faster

Focus on Advanced Driving

Highway Driving up to 100 KPH

Proper Highway Lane Usage

Merging, Exiting and Weave Zones

Traffic Circles

Downtown Driving

Parking Made Easy

Focus on Parking:

Backing Up Skills

Parallel Parking

Angle/Perpendicular Parking

Up and Down Hill Parking

Getting Ready for the Road Test

Focus on the Basic Road Test

Tips on Being Ready for the Test

Detailed Explanation of the Test

Administration of the Practice Test

De-Brief of Results

Practice on Weak Areas

Winter Driving…Why Learn the Hard Way?

Focus on Winter Driving

Winter Vehicle Handling

Front and Rear Wheels Skid Recovery

Vehicle and Personal Preparedness

Coaching Your Kids

Focus on Being a Parent/Driving Coach

Re-Learning the Basics

How to Explain Basic Driving

Different Methods of Correction

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Classroom Only Packages

Alberta Transportation-approved classroom curriculum

Learn everything thing you need to know for your Learner’s Knowledge Test

Regular Classroom Session

15 hour in person classroom at NAIT

Saturdays and Sundays


Online Classroom

Learn from home



These classrooms options are recognized by Alberta Transportation as part of the Insurance Reduction Certificate classroom component and a classroom completion certificate will be issued after successful completion. If the student wishes to complete the in-car portion of the Insurance Reduction Certificate Course within 2 years, they do not have to redo the classroom portion of the course. Classroom fees will be deducted from the total cost of the selected Insurance Reduction Certificate course.

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Road Test Car Rentals

(Non-Archer’s Students)

Existing and previous Archer’s Students have discounted rates. Certain registries only: Call for more info.

Class 5 Basic Road Test with Warm-up Drive

Pick-up at home

1 Hour warm-up drive before the test


Class 5 Basic Road Test Only

Car will be at the registry 20 minutes before the test

Archer’s Staff will introduce you to the instruments and controls


Class 5 Advanced Road Test with Warm-Up Drive

Pick up at home

1 Hour warm-up


Class 5 Advanced Road Test Only

Car will be at the registry 20 minutes before the test

Archer’s Staff will introduce you to the instruments and controls


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Payment Options

Payments may be made by cash, money order, debit cards, Visa, Master Card, Interac E-Transfer and PayPal. Personal cheques or credit card cheques accepted if paid a minimum of 4 days prior to the start of service.

Cheques/money order made payable to: Archer’s Blue Car Driving School Ltd.

Online banking payment by Interac E-Transfer may be emailed to: Please include the student’s first and last name in the message. We also accept debit card payments with our new wireless payment card processing terminal if you prefer (with advance request).

Visa or Mastercard online payments via PayPal (to: are accepted. Please include the student’s first and last name in ‘notes to Vendor’ with any PayPal payments that are made. Or just ask us to send you a customized PayPal invoice to simplify the process.

We now accept Visa or Mastercard payments with our new wireless payment card processing terminal if you prefer (with advance request).  Credit card payments can also be processed over the phone.

A minimum deposit of $25 (payable via Online Banking or PayPal) is required to be able to book in-car lesson times. If a student has selected an online classroom option a minimum payment of $97 is required to access the online course.

Payments by instalments can be arranged for students registering for any Insurance Reduction Courses and In-Car Only packages that are 6 or more hours.


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