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Edmonton’s patient, practical and affordable driving school for learners of all ages.

Welcome to Archer's!

Archer’s is a small familly owned driving school that serves Edmonton and surrounding areas. We strive to offer our students the best driver’s education at reasonable prices!

Great Training at Affordable Prices!

  • 10 Hours In-Car Private Lessons Starting From $549! 

  • Individual 2 Hours In-Car lessons $118

  • Online or In-Person Classroom options starting from $55

Online or In-Person Classroom available!

Next In-Person Classroom at NAIT October 03-04




Archer’s Blue Car Driving School is a family-owned Alberta Transportation approved Class 5 driving school founded in 2012. Striving to offer the best driver education at affordable prices, we are quickly becoming one of Edmonton and St-Albert’s top driver training schools. As a result, over 30% of our students are from referrals from previous students. (Which is amazing for a young Edmonton driving school!)  Our clients are happy with our professionalism, reliability, and our respectful approach to coaching new drivers. Many of the parents of our teenage students have said they wished we were around during their older kids driver training.

While we primarily serve  Edmonton and St. Albert areas, we now offer pick-up and drop-off in: Sherwood Park, Fort Saskatchewan, Namao (Sturgeon Comp and CFB Edmonton). Our in-person classroom sessions are held at the NAIT College Main Campus near Kingsway Garden Mall.  And since not everyone is available for a full weekend we also offer an option to upgrade to the online version of the course.


Next In-Person Classroom Session at NAIT: November 28-29


Hi Archer’s Driving School Students and Friends! We were happy to relaunch our in-car lessons (private lessons only, so far) back on June 1st!  In so doing, we have implemented COVID-19 precautions/procedures, including the wearing of masks, to keep our student and staff safe. We are now finally able to resume in-person classroom training as well!  The in-person classroom sessions at NAIT will be following provincial guidelines and NAIT’s enhanced COVID protocols.

On a separate note, we wish to take this moment to acknowledge and send heartfelt gratitude to all of our Health Care Professionals and our Hospital/Health Centre Workers for their outstanding dedication and service to all of us in their communities.

We wish also to send deep appreciation to our farmers, manufacturers, and logistics and supply chain workers that produce our food and goods, that deliver and distribute it, and that sell it to us. Your work is important every day, but of course is more noticeable in these trying times. You are our every day heroes. For this we thank you.

Wishing you all good health,

Dom, Kelly, Elaine, Kyle and Carol



Archer's Blue Car Driving School

Our actual Driver Training Cars

At Archer’s we offer patient, practical instruction for learners of all ages! Our experienced provincially-licensed Class 5 driving instructors ensures that all lessons are conducted in a structured and progressive manner in order to create a safe and less stressful learning environment. We never have a student attempt any manoeuvres unless we think they’re ready for it. Excellent communicators, our instructors make sure that our students fully understand the what and why of what is required during their lessons. Our mission is to create safe, confident and independent drivers. As a result the vast majority of our students pass their road test on their first attempt. 




We are the driving school that has the two new cool blue driver training cars with the dog in the window. Maybe you’ve noticed them around! We do serve Edmonton, St. Albert, and CFB Edmonton. Both of our main driver training cars are similar models therefore our students don’t have to worry about which car they use during their lessons.




If you would like to register for driver training with Archer’s Blue Car, please complete our online registration form.




We are proud of our affordable prices for driver education in Edmonton! Feel free to peruse our price list.




We have been responsive to our clients’ wishes for simplifying the driving lesson booking process. We recently introduced an online schedule for in-car lessons. Anyone can view the schedule however only registered driving school students are able to book. View our online driving lesson schedule.