Archer’s Blue Car Driving School

Edmonton and St-Albert’s patient, practical and affordable driving school for learners of all ages.

Welcome to Archer's!

Archer’s is a small familly owned driving school that serves Edmonton and surrounding areas. We strive to offer our students the best driver’s education at reasonable prices!

Great Training at Affordable Prices!

  • 10 Hours In-Car Private Lessons Starting From $549!

  • Insurance Reduction Certificate Courses Starting at $599

  • Individual 2 Hours In-Car lessons $118

We now have an Electric Car!

Now offering Driving Lessons in our fully Electric Car! 

No extra charge ;)!

Archer's Driving School Video Page

Check out our cool driver training  videos covering everything from starting the car to parallel and hill parking. You can also view all these videos on our YouTube channel!

For our registered Students, please visit our exclusive video page for more videos and bonus content.

Before you Start Driving

In these videos we will explain to you some of the basic things we teach in our driving lessons that all drivers need to know before you start driving.

In this video we introduce our students  to the car controls. How to lock the doors, move the mirrors, using the wipers, lights climate controls and operating the shifter and park brake.

In this video we teach our driving school students how to use the hand over hand steering technique. Be aware that this technique is the recommended method for steering in most North American jurisdictions.

With this we video, we teach our students how to properly adjust the mirrors and driver’s seat.

This video on how to get the car moving is a preview of our premium video and covers:

  • How to start the car
  • Understanding the road
  • Leaving and returning to the curb.

In this video, we teach new driver’s how and when to do mirror and shoulder checks so that they can check their blind spots.

Parking Videos

Once the students have good control over the car, they can start learning to park. Trust us when we say it’s not as hard as it seems!

Parallel Parking

In this video, new driver’s learn how to parallel park using our driving school method.

Hill Parking Pt 1

In Part 1 of our Hill Parking video, we will teach our students how to park on a hill while facing downwards.

Hill Parking Pt 2

In Part 2 of our Hill Parking video, we will teach our students how to park on a hill while facing upwards.