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Welcome to Archer's!

Archer’s is a small family owned driving school that serves Edmonton and surrounding areas. We strive to offer our students the best driver’s education at reasonable prices!

Voted 3rd Best Driving School in the Edmonton Area for the second year in a row!

By the readers of the Edmonton Journal and Sun.

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Rated best Driving School operating in St-Albert


Great Training at Affordable Prices!

  • Insurance Reduction Certificate Courses Starting at $584 +GST

  • Single Value Lessons formats $52.25 per Hour

  • Single Premium In-Car Lesson $67.62 per Hour

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Why Take Driver Training?

Why Take Driver Training?


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Driver Training in Alberta is not mandatory, but there are many advantages to taking professional driver training with Archer’s Blue Car Driving School Ltd.  The Top 3 Reasons for taking professional driver training are:

1.  Save Money!

2.  Enhance Safety and Confidence

3.  Protect Relationships

Save Money!

Students successfully completing the full course Insurance Reduction Certificate training earn a position 2 grid steps lower on the grid rating scale than those without driver training, for the first two years.  This equates to approximately $183 savings in insurance (on the PL & PD portion only; some insurance companies may also extend savings to Driver Training Graduates on the Collision portion of the policy) per year, or $366 savings over the first two years (based on $1 million coverage for PL & PD which is the most common coverage level).  This is harder to calculate, but consider the additional benefit of your improved driving skills preventing possible collisions for years to come – PRICELESS!

Check out the website for the Alberta Auto Insurance Rate Board, they include an on-line insurance calculator:

It is recommended that learners wanting to take their Class 5 GDL road test should have between 30 to 50 hours of driving experience before attempting.  When you take the full driver training, you are using at least 10 hours of someone else’s fuel.  Depending on the type of vehicle your family drives, this can be from $27 to $51 savings.

Taking driver training can assist students in having a greater chance to pass their Class 7 Knowledge Test (typically $20 per attempt) or their Class 5 GDL Road Test (typically $80 per attempt) on the first try, or minimizing additional re-tries.  This would be a savings of $100by reducing the need for multiple attempts.

Enhance Safety and Confidence

Some students sign up for driver training primarily for the Insurance Reduction, and already have considerable driving experience and practice from driving with their family and friends.  But many others start driver training as absolute beginners – and sometimes scared stiff at that!  They may be scared of doing the wrong thing at the wrong time and causing a collision.  With driver training, you are driving in a special training vehicle with a dual brake, as well as experienced instructors that will pro-actively help coach you through all new driving situations and prevent you from making avoidable errors that might be unsafe. And no matter what happens, the insurance risks are on the driving school!

Those students that do enter driver training as absolute beginners do appreciate that there is a specific and focussed program to the training, which allows them to be successful in their learning, and build their driving confidence step-by-step.

Protect Relationships

While this one is said somewhat tongue-in-cheek, it is true that some families can maintain their excellent and respectful communications with each other during stressful times (like teaching someone to drive), and others….not so much.  Whether it is the parent-young adult dynamic, or spouse-teaching-spouse, any emotional tension on any given day makes it difficult to have an effective learning environment.

At Archer’s Blue Car Driving School Ltd., we have experience teaching absolute beginners (of all ages!) and strive to provide an effective (note: “planned”) learning environment – on purpose, nothing random here.  We coach respectfully, and understand that everyone is an individual.  We coach progressively, with lots of extra practical tips, but also make it fun – because you will learn better that way!


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